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Hot Springs Civil Litigation Attorneys

At the Law Office of C. Burt Newell in Hot Springs, our attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience protecting the rights of businesses and individuals throughout central and southwest Arkansas. We are aggressive and experienced trial attorneys who also know how to effectively negotiate a settlement to protect the interests of our clients. We will listen carefully to your questions and concerns so that we can identify your goals and tailor our approach to meet your needs.

To set up an appointment, contact our office or call us at 501-762-0455 (toll free at 866-374-5896).

Our Practice

We offer comprehensive counsel in matters involving:

  • Adoption and Family law. We have a long history of representing adoptive couples in achieving their adoption of newborn infants here in Arkansas. We work closely with local OB GYN clinics, hospitals, and a local adoption agency to assist birth mothers considering the adoption alternative, and in assisting couples looking to connect with birth mothers so that upon the birth of the infant the child is placed in the custody of the adoptive parents immediately upon delivery.
    We also have a long history of work in other areas of family law including divorce and child custody, representing professionals in complicated and emotional cases involving dissolution of marriage and custody of children.
  • Insurance Litigation. We have an excellent track record of working with insureds in obtaining insurance benefits from companies which deny claims or which offer settlements in an unacceptable amount. We represent claimants in cases involving home owners insurance, disability insurance, and other types of property and casualty insurance claims. For the bulk of these claims our fees are based on a percentage basis, where by we are not paid unless we able to achieve a successful result for our client.
  • Business litigation.We have many open files representing small and medium size businesses in civil suits rising out of breach of contract, interference with business relationships, collection problems, real estate issues, and other disputes which small businesses often find themselves involved in. Being a small business with a three decade background, we understand the problems which face small businesses today and thus allows us a personal insight into issues concerning their well being and continued liability.
  • Employment discrimination. We have an extensive record of representing employers and employees in employment discrimination matters involving claims based upon religious, race, gender, age, and disability discrimination.
    Personal injury. We handle a broad range of personal injury claims, representing plaintiffs in cases involving motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, slips and falls (premises liability), and product liability.

Sligh v. ASPRS Trustees, DROP Class Action Litigation

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For a consultation, contact us or call us at 501-762-0455 (toll free at 866-374-5896). Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.

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