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Adoption and Family Law

Arkansas Family Law Attorneys

Our firm works in connection with local adoption agencies, healthcare clinics, and hospitals to provide a progressive and efficient adoption practice. We have learned how to maximize the adoption friendly laws of the State of Arkansas in finding a match between a young mother wishing to place her infant child for adoption and an adoptive couple seeking an infant by the adoption process. We are able to work with local agencies in placing the adoptive couple in residence so that they are able to petition the Court for adoption, gaining quick consent from the birth mother to allow for termination of her parental rights, gaining consent or dispensing consent of the birth child's father, and allowing for the adoptive couple to gain immediate custody, bond with the child, and leave the State of Arkansas within ten days of the adoption process. Adoption is one of the most pleasant forms of our practice and we have the expertise to see that the process runs smoothly for our adoptive parent clients. We also work compassionately with birth mothers who are in a personal crisis in giving their children over for adoption.

Our decades long adoption practice is founded on a close working relationship with a local OB GYN clinic where doctors refer expectant mothers and/or couples who are unable to conceive due to fertility issues. We then work with hospital staff to ensure confidentiality and closure of these important cases.

We also have a long standing history of representing individuals in the unfortunate circumstances of divorce and child custody litigation. Contrary to adoptions, this practice is difficult, emotional, and generally complicated for both the professional and the client. Never the less, decisions made during this critical time can make a huge difference in the client's life, post divorce. Decisions made through property settlement agreements, divorce decrees, or in court room battles will make a huge difference in the ways and means that our clients will live out the remainder of their lives and how they will be able to take care of their children in the future.

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