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Insurance Claims and Disputes

Arkansas Claims Denial Attorneys

If you have suffered a loss that should be covered under an insurance policy, only to face delaying or denial tactics by your insurance company or an offer to settle for less than you are entitled, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to protect your rights. Insurance companies have a vested interest in paying you as little as possible to settle your claim. They will almost always use their power to pay you less than you deserve.

At the Law Office of C. Burt Newell, in Hot Springs, our attorneys bring over 30 years of combined experience to people throughout Arkansas who are involved in insurance disputes. We are aggressive trial lawyers who will tenaciously protect your rights at any point in the legal process, whether you have just filed a claim for benefits with your insurer, or want to appeal an unfavorable verdict at trial. We will carefully listen to your concerns so that we can tailor our approach to advocate for what you want and need.

We are able to gather the information which will be legally relevant for your insurance claim, to present it at the first opportunity to the insurance company which will be evaluated in the loss. Whether this is a property damage claim, a fire loss, a claim involving injuries or medical expenses, or wage loss and disability, we will analyze the terms of the insurance policy and help you gather the information you need to present to the insurance company to present a legitimate claim for benefits. We will monitor the claim and work closely with the insurance company representative in making sure that the company has all the documents it needs to adequately analyze your claim. We will argue vigorously on behalf of our clients to obtain a fair and equitable resolution without the necessity of litigation.

If the presentation process is unsuccessful in bringing about a fair and equitable result for our clients, we will not hesitate to file suit against the company or individual involved in causing the loss. Litigation of insurance claims is a type of litigation in which we have been active or involved in for many years. We will pursue the case through the litigation process and appellant process if necessary. We are also skilled in negotiating settlements and participating in court ordered and voluntary mediation or arbitration hearings to avoid the uncertainties of trial.

We hope that you will in trust your insurance litigation matter to us to handle. For an appointment with one of our attorneys, contact our office or call us at 501-321-2222 (toll free at 866-374-5896).

Hot Springs Insurance Dispute Attorneys

We are strong advocates for individuals and business owners in disputes with insurance providers, helping you fight delays and denials in the payment of claims involving:

  • Homeowners insurance policies. We handle claims involving fire loss, property damage, vandalism or any other claim for damage under your homeowners policy.
  • Business insurance policies. We work closely with business owners who have a rightful claim for money or benefits under an insurance policy, but who have been denied by their insurer.

We will work directly with the insurance company, seeking initially to get the company to honor its commitment and provide coverage under your policy. If we are unable to resolve the dispute through negotiation, we will file suit against your insurer, as well as the third party causing the damage.

We will keep you fully informed throughout the process so that you can make informed decisions that protect your interests.

Your insurer will have a team of lawyers fighting to protect their interests. You want an experienced and aggressive attorney to protect your rights.

Arkansas Claims Denial Lawyers

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For a consultation to discuss your insurance dispute with one of our Hot Springs attorneys, contact us or call us at 501-762-0455 (toll free at 866-374-5896). We take Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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